Discover why Scot Proctor
Of Meridian Magazine Says "This Is The
One Supplement I Will Never Miss"
To complete the Meridian 90-Day Challenge simply get your pre-paid blood test, take Cardio Miracle twice daily as directed for 90-Days, and then take a second pre-paid blood test after 
90-Days to see your improved results. 
Ready To Feel Better and Have
Improved Overall Health? 
If you want to make REAL improvements in your life and have
more energy, stamina, and better heart health...

You will be exited to know that increased "Nitric Oxide" production
can be one of the most significant changes you can make.  Nitric oxide helps to relax your arteries and capillaries improving blood flow.

Increase Blood Flow = More Oxygen

More Oxygen = More Energy
More Energy = More Productivity and Feeling Better

Our bodies are not designed to take short naps frequently, just so we can make it through the day.

Why not choose an EASY WAY to increase Nitric Oxide? 

There is ONE nitric oxide boosting supplement that stands out from
the crowd with a formulation backed by real science
and over 50 scientifically proven ingredients.

This product gets REAL results for REAL people.

It’s Called Cardio Miracle  
It’s the right time to commit to an Energetic and Productive YOU!

Cardio Miracle has worked for

Want to PROVE that it will work for you too? 

What is the 90-Day Cardio Miracle Challenge?
Nitric oxide is a gas naturally produced in our body. As we grow older, the body naturally produces less and less amount of nitric oxide. This leaves you at a higher risk of heart related symptoms, poor blood circulation, diabetes and most importantly, low energy…
“Japanese Researchers reported a 75% decline in nitric oxide by the time you reach your 70’s”
The 90-Day Cardio Miracle challenge will help you increase energy, improve blood flow
and promote a healthier cardiovascular system!

If you are skeptical of the nutritional supplement products,
this is your chance to try Cardio Miracle Risk-Free!

For the next 90 days, take this ground-breaking nitric oxide booster,
an energy increasing nutritional supplement packed with more than 50 powerful ingredients
and experience the difference yourself!
How the 90-Day Challenge Works?
  • Before you start the challenge, you will take an initial blood test through Quest laboratories to get your baseline numbers. (Paid by Cardio Miracle, a $305 Value)
  • ​You will then take Cardio Miracle at the suggested dose, twice per day (every morning and evening)
  • ​After 90 days, you will take a SECOND blood test to track your results. (Your blood test results will not lie) Not only will you see improvements in your blood test results, you will feel amazing. 
By the way, if your blood markers don’t see the improvements we promise, Cardio Miracle will REFUND your purchase price and 90 days of this powerful product will be your free gift from Cardio Miracle.

Just try Cardio Miracle for the next 90-days and receive over $1,000 in value for just $297

What’s Included in the 90-Day Challenge?

Three (3) 60-Serving Tubs of Cardio Miracle

($329.91 Value)

Before and After Blood Labs from Quest Diagnostics

($300 Value)

Blood Chemistry Essentials Video w/ Dr. Josh Helman

($47 Value)

Three (3) 1-on-1, Live Calls with your Health Coach

($300 Value)

Q&A Webinar with Founder and Formulator John Hewlett

($79 Value)

2 SPECIAL REPORTS: 5 Ways To Maximize Your N.O. and More than just Nitric Oxide

($38 Value)

That's a value well over $1000...
for just $297!

Boosting Your Nitric Oxide Can Transform Your Health!
It’s Nitric Oxide that sends signals to your arteries to OPEN And RELAX.
Just two scoops of Cardio Miracle a day will provide you with the Dual Pathway boost of Nitric Oxide and a difference you will see and feel.  

You Have Got Nothing To Lose

Just try Cardio Miracle for the next 90 days and receive over $1,000 worth of value for just $297
You'd actually be crazy not to…

Cardio Miracle has been so great. All my levels are up. Vitamin D even taking supplements and being out in the sun as much as I can didn't help. My vitamin D is perfect now, My cholesterol was down to 182. It hasn't been under 200 for years. It's dropped about 42 points. I just had my dental check up this week. I've had very reseeded gums for years. My bottom front teeth you could see the bottom of my teeth. Going to the dentist for a cleaning was pure torture because I had so many roots exposed. All of my gum have come up! I only have a couple spots that are barely reseeded. My check up was painless! Awesome results. Besides that fact of just feeling good also.
Leslie Christensen
My blood pressure for the last 2-3 years was heading towards hypertension and dealing with two diseases for the past 20 years. Since taking Cardio Miracle, I feel significantly better than I have felt since I became aware of my two diseases nearly 20 years ago. I have more energy. I feel energized (like I am oxygenated). My peripheral neuropathy is slowly improving (it has always been getting worse). My eyesight is improving—truly, I can see better. I don’t use my optional driving glasses ever. Yes, all the numbers have greatly improved—and the bonus is I just feel better. I will never go without Cardio Miracle again—not one day of my life.
Scot Protor  
Meridian Magazine

Will I Experience a Difference After 90 Days?
Yes, you will see and feel the difference. We here more and more from
Cardio Miracle users that they would never miss a day of taking "their daily dose"
and Cardio Miracle is the ONE product they would never be without. 
The next 90 days will show you why...
Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

After 90 days, if your blood markers don’t see the improvements you expected despite taking Cardio Miracle twice daily and taking advantage of your two-FREE blood labs, simply contact our customer support team and request a FULL REFUND. There is no risk involved!

90-Day Cardio Miracle Challenge - Frequently Asked Questions
Can This Be Taken With My Medications?
As with any medication, consult your primary medical physician, but Cardio Miracle is made from natural ingredients and is 100% safe.

What is Nitric Oxide?
Nitric Oxide is a gas produced in almost every cell in the body but one of the most important molecules for blood vessel health. Natural production decreases as you age. 

Where Do I Get my Blood Labs?
Cardio Miracle has partnered with Quest Diagnostics for the blood lab services.

Does This Product Help With Sexual Health?
YES!  Nitic Oxide stimulates blood flow throughout the body and is a key factor in improving sexual benefits for both men and women.

How do I take this product?
Simply mix one scoop or single-serve packet into water or juice and drink it twice daily. It is a powerful and effective daily supplement.

Can This Replace My Daily Supplements?
Cardio Miracle delivers a complete daily supplement and generally can remove the need for any other daily supplement you may be taking. 

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